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Lustre Basics

Filesystem User Guide Lustre

The latest Lustre documentation is available at Lustre

How to use job dependencies

Manage jobs Manage SoGE jobs - (deprecated)

Some users need to submit jobs that take more time than the queue allows. In some cases it is po...

How to access files belonging to someone else or another project

Filesystem User Guide

Users are allowed to change the default permissions file permissions in all folders they own. The...

How to transfer files between INCD and a local machine

Filesystem User Guide

NOTE Please note that INCD Lustre storage is not designed for small files. Attempting to store ...

Disk Quota Policy

Filesystem User Guide

To prevent storage misuse and problems resulting from filesystems becoming full, INCD has impleme...

Directories and filesystems

Filesystem User Guide

The INCD filesystems are based on the Lustre shared filesystem which is mounted in the compute no...

My jobs doesn't start

Manage jobs Troubleshooting information

My jobs need to run longer than the queues permit

Manage jobs Troubleshooting information

At INCD the default max elapsed time for the queues is 72h. The values for all queues can be ...

How to interpret the job status

Manage jobs Manage SoGE jobs - (deprecated)

There are a number of status for a job. to check a job status: qstat The main status are: ...

How to find available resources

Manage jobs Manage SoGE jobs - (deprecated)

Global parameters HPC users are alowed to submit to the hpcgrid queue Jobs duration is maxed ...

Lustre best practices

Filesystem User Guide Lustre

Distributed filesystems such as Lustre are ideal for HPC and HTC environments. In these environme...

How to find your job output information

Manage jobs Manage SoGE jobs - (deprecated)

For each job you will received two files. One with errors and the other with the jobout (if you ...

Login and network access

Getting Started

Access to INCD infrastructure is available only to registered users. Access to login machines may...


Getting Started

INCD is open to all academic and scientific researchers and institutions. In order to use our ser...

Configuring SSH

How to access Using ssh keys

In order to simplify SSH access to remote hosts we recommend INCD users to adopt the following re...


How to access Using ssh keys

Choose strong passwords - at least 9 characters long, a mixture of alphanumeric mixed case and s...

List of HPC and HTC servers

Compute Node Specs and Information

The list of server class types available to general users in the Cirrus HPC/HTC clusters. INCD-...

Create a ssh key

How to access Using ssh keys

Access to the INCD computing clusters is performed via SSH and requires the use of SSH keys for a...

How to connect to the HPC and HTC clusters

How to access Public access

public login services Access to the INCD clusters is only available to registered users. To us...

Install Miniconda

Software User Software Installation

Small tutorial on how to install and run miniconda on the HPC clusters. 1. Login into your logi...