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Documentos / Documents

Official Reports Maturity Evaluation 2019

Página web da INCD / INCD Web Site Português: English: Sobre ...


Software Lifecycle

"Software Development in modern days: DevOps methodology" Presentation: slides



Encontro RNCA 2021, virtual 29 September 2021: Infraestrutura Nacional de Computação Distribuída...


Training events Events

Running containers in your user space with udocker materials. Location: online integrated in ...



Introductory materials to digital infrastructures and e-infrastrctures. "e-infrastructures an...


Thematic Services Tutorials

Tutorials related to the WorSiCa thematic service "Integration of WORSICA's thematic service i...


Thematic Services Tutorials

Tutorials related to the GBIF thematic service "Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF...


Thematic Services Tutorials

Tutorials related to the OPENCoastS thematic service "2nd OPENCoastS e-Tutorial: build your f...


Software Lifecycle

"EOSC-Synergy Jenkins Pipeline Library demonstration @ EGI conference 2020" Video: demo ...

Enable access to a remote host

How to access Using ssh keys

In most cases you will not need to add your own SSH public key to other INCD remote hosts as ther...

Documentos / Documents

Official Reports PINFRA/22153/2016

Using SSH tunnels

How to access Using ssh keys

In some cases you may need to access remote hosts that have private IP addresses or are protected...


Virtual Machine Specs and Information

INCD enables long term and short term platforms to enable data sharing and data processing in the...

Stratus technical overview

Architecture and technical information

The INCD Stratus cloud computing service is a IaaS cloud infrastructure based on Openstack. OpenS...

Software List


List of software centrally available via the modules tool at the INCD Cirrus HPC and HTC clusters...

Virtual machine specs

Virtual Machine Specs and Information

The list of Virtual Machine flavors available to general users in the Stratus cloud computing ser...

Acceptable Use Policy

Getting Started

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) has been updated and is effective from 24 February 2020. This in...

ISEC Minerva User's Guide

INCD Cirrus HPC and HTC clusters ISEC-Coimbra HPC cluster (Cirrus-C)

The ISEC Cluster Users's Guide can be found here

Marcos / Milestones

Official Reports PINFRA/22153/2016

Atividade 1 / Activity 1 Mi1.1 - Internal coordination and administration structture fully o...



Encontro Ciência 2020, Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, 4 November 2020: Infraestrutura Nacional...