Jobs information

List all current jobs for a user:

squeue -u <username>

List all running jobs for a user:

squeue -u <username> -t RUNNING

List all pending jobs for a user:

squeue -u <username> -t PENDING

List priority order of jobs for the current user (you) in a given partition:

showq-slurm -o -u -q <partition>

List all current jobs in the shared partition for a user:

squeue -u <username> -p shared

List detailed information for a job (useful for troubleshooting):

scontrol show jobid -dd <jobid>

List status info for a currently running job:

sstat --format=AveCPU,AvePages,AveRSS,AveVMSize,JobID -j <jobid> --allsteps

Additional information for complet jobs (not available during the run):

sacct -j <jobid> --format=JobID,JobName,MaxRSS,Elapsed

To view information for all jobs of a user:

sacct -u <username> --format=JobID,JobName,MaxRSS,Elapsed