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Manage jobs

Submitting and managing jobs in the Cirrus HPC and HTC clusters

Training events

Training events and online material about INCD services and users support

EGI Repositories

Description about the EGI repositories

User Support Information - RNCA / FCT calls

Specific information for RNCA / FCT call information

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements between INCD and other institutional partners.

Customized resources

Customized resources and queues for specific research groups and organizations

Containers Tutorials

List of tutorials used in training for using containers for scientific applications and services

Thematic Services Tutorials

Training material for the Thematic Services officially supported by INCD

Usage Metrics

Several usefull metrics reporting the Institutional usage of the infrastructure


Participation in dissemination events

Filesystem User Guide

Filesystems and data organization in the Cirrus HPC and HTC clusters

Organized events

List of events organized by INCD

Scientific Publications

Scientific publications which used INCD resources


How to acknowledge the use of the INCD infrastructure

Getting Started

Short user guide to request access to the INCD infrastructure


How the software is managed in the Cirrus HTC and HPC clusters

Compute Node Specs and Information

Compute nodes specs and hardware information for the Cirrus HPC and HTC clusters

How to access

Guidance to access the INCD services

HPC tutorials

tutorials about HPC provide by INCD or other associated partners.