How to submit interactive jobs

INCD HPC clusters(*) allow interactive jobs

  • How to make interactive login:
  1. Login to your usual login machine
  2. Type the follwing commands:
$ qlogin
JSV "/opt/ge-tools/submit/" has been started
JSV "/opt/ge-tools/submit/" has been stopped
Your job 977402 ("QLOGIN") has been submitted
waiting for interactive job to be scheduled ...
Your interactive job 977402 has been successfully scheduled.
Establishing /opt/sge/util/resources/wrappers/qlogin_wrapper session to host ...
Warning: Permanently added '[]:58283,[]:58283' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
[username@hpc017 ~]$ 
[username@hpc017 ~]$ hostname
  1. You can run your application

(*) only available at the INCD-Lisbon cluster